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  1. Case report

    Postoperative management with dexmedetomidine in a pregnant patient who underwent AVM nidus removal: a case report

    Following cerebral arteriovenous malformation (AVM) surgery, severe brain edema and hemorrhage may be caused by postoperative normal perfusion pressure breakthrough (NPPB). Sedation is necessary for this popul...

    Chanatthee Kitsiripant, Kotoe Kamata, Rie Kanamori, Koji Yamaguchi, Makoto Ozaki and Minoru Nomura

    JA Clinical Reports 2017 3:17

    Published on: 24 April 2017

  2. Case report

    Lower airway obstruction due to a massive clot resulting from late bleeding following mini-tracheostomy tube insertion and subsequent clot removal and re-intubation

    Easier to perform than the conventional procedure, mini-tracheostomy (MT) is widely used in the operating room or intensive care unit to remove sputum or other obstructions of the upper airway. This option, ho...

    Hiroshi Inoue, Jun Ito, Hiroaki Uchida, Mariko Morita, Takahiko Masuda, Kazuhiro Yamaya, Masaki Hata and Shigeaki Kato

    JA Clinical Reports 2017 3:16

    Published on: 17 April 2017

  3. Case report

    When can we give general anesthesia to an infant with anticipated difficult airway management caused by facial vascular malformation?

    A 13-month-old infant weighing 8.3 kg with a height of 72.3 cm visited our hospital for surgical resection of facial vascular malformation detected at birth. Because we anticipated the patient would have diffi...

    Kumi Moriyama, Masanori Mitsuda, Masakazu Kurita, Mine Ozaki, Kiyoshi Moriyama and Tomoko Yorozu

    JA Clinical Reports 2017 3:12

    Published on: 4 April 2017

  4. Case report

    A case report of intracranial hemorrhage after spinal anesthesia

    Chronic subdural hematoma (CSDH) after spinal anesthesia is a rare complication. We experienced a patient who developed CSDH after postdural puncture headache (PDPH) following combined spinal and epidural anes...

    Yuri Iwase, Manzo Suzuki and Hiroyasu Bito

    JA Clinical Reports 2017 3:11

    Published on: 9 March 2017

  5. Case report

    Difficult tracheal intubation and post-extubation airway stenosis in an 11-month-old patient with unrecognized subglottic stenosis: a case report

    Subglottic stenosis can lead to life-threatening difficult tracheal intubation during general anesthesia. We report a case of difficult tracheal intubation in an 11-month-old female who had unrecognized subglo...

    Natsuko Ohsima, Fumimasa Amaya, Shunsuke Yamakita, Yoshinobu Nakayama, Hideya Kato, Yumi Muranishi, Toshiaki Numajiri and Teiji Sawa

    JA Clinical Reports 2017 3:10

    Published on: 15 February 2017

  6. Case report

    Lipid emulsion injection-induced reversal of cardiac toxicity and acceleration of emergence from general anesthesia after scalp infiltration of a local anesthetic: a case report

    A scalp block or wound infiltration of local anesthetic is thought to effectively control post-craniotomy pain. However, it can result in local anesthetic toxicity (LAST), which is difficult to distinguish fro...

    Rintaro Hoshino, Yoshinori Kamiya, Yuka Fujii and Tsunehisa Tsubokawa

    JA Clinical Reports 2017 3:9

    Published on: 10 February 2017

  7. Clinical research letter

    Does preoperative patient’s estimated acceptable pain affect the satisfaction with postoperative pain management?

    Patient satisfaction with postoperative pain management is an important quality indicator in patient health care, but its determinants are poorly understood. Here, we examined the contribution of the discrepan...

    Marie Shigematsu-Locatelli, Takashi Kawano, Sonoe Kitamura, Atsushi Nishigaki, Daiki Yamanaka, Bun Aoyama, Hiroki Tateiwa and Masataka Yokoyama

    JA Clinical Reports 2017 3:5

    Published on: 10 January 2017

  8. Case report

    Transforaminal epidural blood patch for intractable spontaneous cerebrospinal fluid leak: a case report

    Epidural blood patch (EBP) is a recognized treatment for spontaneous cerebrospinal fluid leak (SCFL) and is typically administered by the interlaminar approach. Here, we report a case of a patient in whom SCFL...

    Aki Fujiwara, Keisuke Watanabe, Keiji Hashizume, Kozue Shinohara, Michiko Fukumoto, Katsuhiro Kimoto and Masahiko Kawaguchi

    JA Clinical Reports 2017 3:2

    Published on: 5 January 2017

  9. Case report

    Breakage and retention of thoracic paravertebral catheter: a case report

    Paravertebral catheters are generally inserted and removed without complications. However, catheter breakage occurs rarely. This is the first report describing breakage of a thoracic paravertebral catheter and...

    Tasuku Fujii, Yasuyuki Shibata and Kimitoshi Nishiwaki

    JA Clinical Reports 2017 3:4

    Published on: 5 January 2017

  10. Case report

    Effect of arginine vasopressin on systemic and pulmonary arterial pressure in a patient with pulmonary hypertension secondary to pulmonary emphysema: a case report

    Although data from several studies support the use of arginine vasopressin (AVP) for the treatment of hypotension concomitant with pulmonary hypertension (PH) in the cardiac surgery setting, to our knowledge, ...

    Toshiyuki Mizota, Kohei Fujiwara, Miho Hamada, Shino Matsukawa and Hajime Segawa

    JA Clinical Reports 2017 3:1

    Published on: 4 January 2017

  11. Case report

    Bridging bronchus, type six, as a new rare case of a bronchial anomaly

    In 1976, Gonzales-Crussi et al. (Am. J. Dis. Child. 130:1015–18, 1976) introduced the first case of bridging bronchus as a rare bronchial branching anomaly; since then, only 14 worldwide cases was described. W...

    Ashraf El-Molla, Mohamed Daabiss, Rashed Al-Otaibi, Hussein Al-Qudaihy and Samir Bawazir

    JA Clinical Reports 2016 2:44

    Published on: 7 December 2016

  12. Case report

    Peripheral nerve block with a high concentration of tetracaine dissolved in bupivacaine for intractable post-herpetic itch: a case report

    Post-herpetic itch (PHI) is a neuropathic itch syndrome following herpes zoster. It has been reported that PHI is occasionally sufficiently severe to compromise patients’ quality of life and frequently refract...

    Daiki Yamanaka, Takashi Kawano, Marie Shigematsu-Locatelli, Atsushi Nishigaki, Sonoe Kitamura, Bun Aoyama, Hiroki Tateiwa, Noriko Kitaoka and Masataka Yokoyama

    JA Clinical Reports 2016 2:43

    Published on: 5 December 2016

  13. Case report

    A case of a giant cell myocarditis that developed massive left ventricular thrombus during percutaneous cardiopulmonary support

    Giant cell myocarditis, characterized by infiltration of multinucleated giant cells in the myocardium, is a rare type of myocarditis. It often progresses rapidly into fulminant heart failure and indicates a po...

    Yusuke Takei, Yutaka Ejima, Hiroaki Toyama, Kana Takei, Takahisa Ota and Masanori Yamauchi

    JA Clinical Reports 2016 2:41

    Published on: 29 November 2016

  14. Clinical research letter

    Surgery cancellations after entering the operating room

    Surgery cancellation results in unavailability of the operating room and loss time. We identified the frequency of and reasons for operation cancellations after patients entered the operating room and assessed...

    Yoko Hori, Ayami Nakayama and Atsuhiro Sakamoto

    JA Clinical Reports 2016 2:40

    Published on: 25 November 2016

  15. Clinical research letter

    Lactate level during cardiopulmonary bypass as a predictor of postoperative outcomes in adult patients undergoing cardiac surgery

    It has been reported that prolonged intensive care unit (ICU) stay after cardiac surgery is associated with poor patient outcome. In addition, prolonged stay can block the efficient use of ICU beds with an inc...

    Satoko Noguchi, Junichi Saito, Eiji Hashiba, Tetsuya Kushikata and Kazuyoshi Hirota

    JA Clinical Reports 2016 2:39

    Published on: 24 November 2016

  16. Case report

    Successful airway management using a MultiViewScope handle with a stylet scope in a patient with Schwartz–Jampel syndrome

    Schwartz–Jampel syndrome (SJS) is a rare disorder characterized by micrognathia, kyphoscoliosis, and myotonia. The greatest challenge in the anesthetic management of patients with SJS is performing tracheal in...

    Keika Mukaihara, Kohei Godai, Tomotsugu Yamada, Maiko Hasegawa-Moriyama and Yuichi Kanmura

    JA Clinical Reports 2016 2:36

    Published on: 14 November 2016

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