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  1. Pericapsular nerve group (PENG) block has shown effectiveness for acute hip pain associated with fractures and surgery. Herein, PENG block was performed for osteoarthritis (OA)-related chronic hip joint pain.

    Authors: Reiko Sato, Rina Kato, MinHye So, Takeshi Sugiura and Kazuya Sobue
    Citation: JA Clinical Reports 2023 9:78
  2. Transcatheter aortic valve implantation (TAVI) is a minimally invasive surgery. However, there is a risk of surgical manipulation causing detachment of a lesion of the aortic valve, which can result in various...

    Authors: Yuki Mitsuta, Shingo Nakamura, Yumiko Uemura, Koichiro Tashima, Takafumi Oyoshi and Naoyuki Hirata
    Citation: JA Clinical Reports 2023 9:76
  3. Selective estrogen receptor modulators (SERMs), clinically applied to osteoporosis, may have potential risk of deep venous thrombosis (DVT) and discontinuation of SERMs may be required before surgery. However,...

    Authors: Keiko Kishida, Masanobu Furukawa, Masayuki Nakashima, Idumi Kubota and Yukio Hayashi
    Citation: JA Clinical Reports 2023 9:73
  4. Chest tube drainage is usually performed through an underwater seal at a level of 10–20 cmH2O. Based on the definition of transpulmonary pressure, continuous chest drainage creates continuous negative pressure, d...

    Authors: Takayuki Hasegawa, Yuzo Iseki, Atsuyuki Hosono and Satoki Inoue
    Citation: JA Clinical Reports 2023 9:72
  5. This study compared the effects of remimazolam and sevoflurane on intraoperative hemodynamics including intraoperative hypotension (IOH).

    Authors: Takayuki Katsuragawa, Soichiro Mimuro, Tsunehisa Sato, Yoshitaka Aoki, Matsuyuki Doi, Takasumi Katoh and Yoshiki Nakajima
    Citation: JA Clinical Reports 2023 9:70
  6. Remimazolam is a short-acting benzodiazepine with small circulatory depression. We used remimazolam for general anesthesia management in two very elderly patients undergoing hybrid surgery of transcatheter aor...

    Authors: Takafumi Oyoshi, Yuki Mitsuta, Yumiko Uemura, Koichiro Tajima and Naoyuki Hirata
    Citation: JA Clinical Reports 2023 9:69
  7. Reports on the effectiveness of spinal cord stimulation (SCS) for the alleviation of fibromyalgia syndrome (FMS) pain are scarce. We report two cases of effective high-frequency SCS at 1000 Hz against upper- a...

    Authors: Mikiko Horita, Ayumi Yasuhira, Mikako Hirakawa, Aisa Watanabe, Nobuhiro Higaki, Tasuku Nishihara and Toshihiro Yorozuya
    Citation: JA Clinical Reports 2023 9:68
  8. Precise diagnosis of mitral valve regurgitation is challenging, particularly for distinguishing between commissure leaflet prolapse and anterior leaflet perforation, based exclusively on 2-dimensional (2-D) im...

    Authors: Kazuto Miyata, Sayaka Shigematsu and Naoki Miyayama
    Citation: JA Clinical Reports 2023 9:67
  9. Postoperative delirium is a common complication after cardiovascular surgery. A meta-analysis revealed that postoperative delirium was associated with cognitive decline and dementia, which may affect long-term...

    Authors: Chisaki Yokoyama, Kenji Yoshitnai, Soshiro Ogata, Satsuki Fukushima and Hitoshi Matsuda
    Citation: JA Clinical Reports 2023 9:66
  10. We report a case in which veno-venous extracorporeal membrane oxygenation (V-V ECMO) saved the life of a patient who developed severe hypoxemia due to unusual unilateral pulmonary edema (UPE) after cardiopulmo...

    Authors: Masataka Fukuda, Hiroaki Sakai, Keito Koh, Sonoko Sakuraba, Nozomi Ando, Masakazu Hayashida and Izumi Kawagoe
    Citation: JA Clinical Reports 2023 9:65
  11. Acoustic respiration rate (RRa) monitoring is a method of continuously measuring respiratory rate using a signal from an acoustic transducer placed over the airway. The purpose of the present study is to exami...

    Authors: Jun Honda, Masahiro Murakawa and Satoki Inoue
    Citation: JA Clinical Reports 2023 9:61
  12. Achalasia is a rare condition characterized by dysfunction of esophageal motility and impaired relaxation of the lower esophageal sphincter. Anesthetic management of these patients is challenging due to the el...

    Authors: Keiko Haraguchi-Suzuki, Chizu Aso, Masashi Nomura and Shigeru Saito
    Citation: JA Clinical Reports 2023 9:59
  13. Ultrasound-guided central venous catheterization has become a standard procedure. However, mechanical complications are still reported.

    Authors: Tomoki Kohyama, Keisuke Fujimaki, Hiroki Sasamori, Joho Tokumine, Kiyoshi Moriyama and Tomoko Yorozu
    Citation: JA Clinical Reports 2023 9:58
  14. Neuraxial anesthesia is widely used as the most effective and standard method in obstetric anesthesia. However, there is a concern that neuraxial anesthesia may be technically difficult or ineffective in pregn...

    Authors: Adila Yakhup, Hisako Okada, Izumi Kawagoe and Hiroyuki Sumikura
    Citation: JA Clinical Reports 2023 9:56
  15. Klippel-Feil syndrome (KFS) occurs in 1/40,000 individuals and is characterized by cervical fusion. Thirty percent of patients with KFS present with Sprengel deformity, leading to orthopedic problems and limit...

    Authors: Mizuho Okada, Nobuhiro Tanaka, Takanori Suzuka, Yuma Kadoya, Takashi Saisu and Masahiko Kawaguchi
    Citation: JA Clinical Reports 2023 9:55
  16. Hemodynamic management during anesthesia in liver transplantation for patients with polycystic liver disease (PLD) can be more challenging because of the bleeding and hemodynamic alterations due to the markedl...

    Authors: Yudai Ueda, Takahiro Kawaji, Hidefumi Komura, Yoshitaka Hara, Naohide Kuriyama, Tomoyuki Nakamura and Osamu Nishida
    Citation: JA Clinical Reports 2023 9:54
  17. The anesthetic management of pregnant women with acute heart failure remains challenging with regard to maintaining the hemodynamic status of the mother and baby. The likelihood of decreased blood pressure is ...

    Authors: Shizuka Yamamoto, Yoshimasa Oyama, Mika Sasaki, Mayu Miyagoshi, Shigekiyo Matsumoto and Takaaki Kitano
    Citation: JA Clinical Reports 2023 9:53
  18. Little evidence exists on the relationship between the estimated heparin sensitivity index (HSI) based on commonly available clinical and laboratory data and observed HSI in the adult population. This retrospe...

    Authors: Hitomi Nakatani, Mitsuru Ida, Taichi Kotani and Masahiko Kawaguchi
    Citation: JA Clinical Reports 2023 9:50
  19. The intercostobrachial nerve blockade is required, in addition to brachial plexus block, to anesthetize the entire upper arm. No studies have described the use of erector spinae plane (ESP) block for an interc...

    Authors: Takayuki Yoshida and Tatsuo Nakamoto
    Citation: JA Clinical Reports 2023 9:49

    The Letter to the Editor to this article has been published in JA Clinical Reports 2023 9:63

  20. Postmastectomy pain syndrome involves persistent neuropathic and sympathetically maintained neuropathic pain that can be improved using a thoracic sympathetic ganglion block. However, conventional fluoroscopic...

    Authors: Shintaro Hagihara, Yoichiro Abe, Kohei Godai, Kyo Enohata and Akira Matsunaga
    Citation: JA Clinical Reports 2023 9:48
  21. Compared to other intravenous anesthetics, availability of a specific antagonist flumazenil is a clear advantage of remimazolam. We report a patient who could be rapidly woken up when laryngoscopy and tracheal...

    Authors: Shota Sekimoto, Shuya Kiyama and Shoichi Uezono
    Citation: JA Clinical Reports 2023 9:46
  22. A 69-year-old male patient with mitral valve prolapse was scheduled for mitral valve plasty. Sixteen years earlier, he had undergone right open thoracotomy for esophageal cancer with subtotal esophagectomy, ce...

    Authors: Yuri Sato, Takaharu Tokita, Junichi Saito and Kazuyoshi Hirota
    Citation: JA Clinical Reports 2023 9:45

    The Correction to this article has been published in JA Clinical Reports 2023 9:57

  23. Laryngomalacia is a dynamic airway condition characterized by flaccid laryngeal tissue and inward collapse of supraglottic structures during inspiration. Although it may cause airway obstruction and requires c...

    Authors: Kazuyuki Mizunoya, Keisyu Onodera, Yuki Takahashi, Takayuki Toki, Hitoshi Saito and Yuji Morimoto
    Citation: JA Clinical Reports 2023 9:44
  24. Left atrial auricle (LAA) clipping is a common method of preventing cardiogenic thromboembolism. However, acute coronary syndrome (ACS) has been reported as a fatal complication of LAA clipping. We describe a ...

    Authors: Satoshi Uchida, Daiki Takekawa, Koudai Kato and Kazuyoshi Hirota
    Citation: JA Clinical Reports 2023 9:42
  25. Remimazolam, a newly developed ultra-short-acting benzodiazepine, provides early recovery of consciousness but its effects on memory recovery are unclear. This study examined memory recovery after emergence fr...

    Authors: Keiko Nobukuni, Kazuhiro Shirozu, Aiko Maeda, Kouta Funakoshi, Midoriko Higashi and Ken Yamaura
    Citation: JA Clinical Reports 2023 9:41
  26. Freeman-Sheldon syndrome (FSS) is a rare disorder characterized by specific deformities of the extremities and face. There have been no reports of open-heart surgery in pediatric patients with FSS.

    Authors: Kyosuke Takahashi, Kotaro Sakurai and Izumi Hamaya
    Citation: JA Clinical Reports 2023 9:40
  27. Recently, modified thoracoabdominal nerve block through perichondrial approach (M-TAPA) has been introduced as a novel trunk block. To date, studies comparing its clinical advantages with those of existing loc...

    Authors: China Atsumi, Katsuhiro Aikawa, Keita Takahashi, Kazufumi Okada and Yuji Morimoto
    Citation: JA Clinical Reports 2023 9:39
  28. The efficacy of tranexamic acid in elective major invasive abdominal surgeries has not yet been established. We investigated the effect of tranexamic acid administration on intraoperative blood loss during per...

    Authors: Daiki Shirasu, Masahiko Tsuchiya, Noriaki Oomae, Wataru Shirasaka, Tatsuhiko Iino, Daisuke Hirano and Makoto Satani
    Citation: JA Clinical Reports 2023 9:38
  29. Postoperative pneumothorax is a well-known but relatively rare complication after laparoscopic surgery. There has been no report describing pneumothorax that persisted for a week or more after laparoscopic sur...

    Authors: Seiji Ishikawa, Kaori Shirakawa, Yui Kuroda, Yukinori Yube, Shinji Mine, Masakazu Hayashida and Izumi Kawagoe
    Citation: JA Clinical Reports 2023 9:37
  30. The laryngeal tube (LT), a closed esophageal supraglottic device comprising pharyngeal and esophageal cuffs, is used for emergency airway management. However, it is not often used in intraoperative airway mana...

    Authors: Masashi Fujii, Nobuaki Shime and Yasuyo Kawabata
    Citation: JA Clinical Reports 2023 9:36
  31. Pulmonary endarterectomy (PEA) is a treatment modality for chronic thromboembolic pulmonary hypertension (CTEPH). PEA requires anesthesia management to prevent an increase in pulmonary vascular resistance (PVR...

    Authors: Sae Igarashi, Yusuke Ishida, Shunya Sekiguchi, Yosuke Fujita, Aya Kawachi and Mikiko Tomino
    Citation: JA Clinical Reports 2023 9:34
  32. Hajdu-Cheney syndrome (HCS) is an extremely rare disorder characterized by progressive acro-osteolysis. A unique facial structure and deformity of the cervical spine are associated with a difficult airway. Alt...

    Authors: Atsushi Kokita, Tomohiro Chaki and Michiaki Yamakage
    Citation: JA Clinical Reports 2023 9:33