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  1. Although chlorhexidine allergy has been shown to be mediated by immunoglobulin (Ig) E, few reports investigated the mechanism of chlorhexidine-induced anaphylaxis using basophil activation tests (BATs).

    Authors: Masaki Orihara, Tomonori Takazawa, Tatsuo Horiuchi, Kazuhiro Nagumo, Noboru Maruyama, Akihiro Tomioka and Shigeru Saito
    Citation: JA Clinical Reports 2022 8:91
  2. Remimazolam is an ultra-short-acting benzodiazepine anesthetic that is antagonized by flumazenil, and it is typically expected to be applied in anesthesia with the purpose of ensuring early postoperative recov...

    Authors: Tsubasa Takemori, Yoshimasa Oyama, Takenori Makino, Seigo Hidaka and Takaaki Kitano
    Citation: JA Clinical Reports 2022 8:86
  3. We report the successful preoperative management of respiratory failure in a patient with a solid giant retroperitoneal tumor with a hemodynamic monitoring system and nasal high-flow therapy (NHFT).

    Authors: Hirotaka Kinoshita, Eiji Hashiba, Satoshi Uchida and Kazuyoshi Hirota
    Citation: JA Clinical Reports 2022 8:85
  4. Intractable chronic pain, as well as motor, sensory, and autonomic neuropathy, significantly reduces the quality of life of brachial plexus avulsion (BPA) patients. We report the successful application of cerv...

    Authors: Yoji Chikama, Aiko Maeda, Ryudo Tanaka, Masachika Tominaga, Kazuhiro Shirozu and Ken Yamaura
    Citation: JA Clinical Reports 2022 8:84
  5. Sedation during cardiac catheter examination in neonates with complex congenital heart disease is challenging, as even the slightest change in the circulatory or respiratory status can lead to hemodynamic coll...

    Authors: Yoshiaki Ito, Tomonori Yamashita and Kazuya Tachibana
    Citation: JA Clinical Reports 2022 8:83
  6. Although rare, right coronary artery (RCA) injury is a serious complication of tricuspid annuloplasty (TAP) and warrants close attention. We report a case of ST elevation myocardial infarction secondary to iat...

    Authors: Daichi Urabe, Masahiro Ide, Motoyuki Matsuoka and Ryuichiro Miyake
    Citation: JA Clinical Reports 2022 8:81
  7. The use of pressure-controlled ventilation (PCV) for anesthesia management is becoming more commonly used. Chest drainage is commonly performed after thoracic surgery, and the negative pressure it generates mi...

    Authors: Yuko Matsumoto, Shinju Obara, Takahiro Hakozaki, Tsuyoshi Isosu and Satoki Inoue
    Citation: JA Clinical Reports 2022 8:78
  8. Thrombus formation at the pulmonary vein transection site is more common in left upper lobectomy than other lobectomies. We report a case of dyspnea and contrast-enhanced computed tomography (CT) findings of p...

    Authors: Ruiji Kubo, Takuo Hoshi, Akae Shu and Yuichiro Yamasaki
    Citation: JA Clinical Reports 2022 8:76
  9. Mitochondrial encephalomyopathy, lactic acidosis, and stroke-like episodes (MELAS) is a mitochondrial disease. We report here the safe use of remimazolam in a pediatric MELAS patient.

    Authors: Yusuke Yamadori, Yuki Yamagami, Yukihisa Matsumoto, Mari Koizumi, Akiyo Nakamura, Daiskuke Mizuta, Kyoko Yasuda and Gotaro Shirakami
    Citation: JA Clinical Reports 2022 8:75
  10. Thyrocervical trunk rupture is an unusual, but critical, complication associated with central venous catheter (CVC) placement. The management of this complication has not been fully determined because it is rare.

    Authors: Yuko Ono, Eisuke Ueshima, Nobuto Nakanishi, Kazuaki Shinohara, Isamu Yamada and Joji Kotani
    Citation: JA Clinical Reports 2022 8:74
  11. General anesthesia for tracheal stenting is challenging because of difficult ventilation and accompanying hypoxia. We report the use of oxygen reserve index (ORi™) during tracheal stenting.

    Authors: Sho Matsuba, Mitsuki Sawai, Saki Higashitani, Fumiya Sawasaki, Hiromasa Kida and Kan Takahashi
    Citation: JA Clinical Reports 2022 8:73
  12. Carbamoyl phosphate synthetase deficiency (CPS1D) is a urea-cycle disorder (UCD). We report successful perioperative management of pediatric living donor liver transplantation (LDLT) in a CPS1D patient.

    Authors: Hiroki Matsushita, Tetsushiro Fujiyoshi, Koichiro Yoshimaru, Toshiharu Matsuura, Yuichi Mushimoto, Yuji Karashima and Ken Yamaura
    Citation: JA Clinical Reports 2022 8:71
  13. Peripherally inserted central catheters (PICCs) are typically placed under fluoroscopy. We used a magnetic tracking and electrocardiogram-based tip confirmation system for insertion of a PICC insertion in a mo...

    Authors: Satoshi Uchida, Daiki Takekawa, Masaya Hori, Eiji Hashiba and Kazuyoshi Hirota
    Citation: JA Clinical Reports 2022 8:69
  14. Intraoperative motor-evoked potential (MEP) monitoring reduces postoperative motor deficits. Propofol-based total intravenous anesthesia is the gold standard for intraoperative myogenic MEPs. Although there is...

    Authors: Kotoe Kamata, Suguru Asagi, Yoshiteru Shimoda, Masayuki Kanamori, Nozomu Abe, Shigekazu Sugino, Teiji Tominaga and Masanori Yamauchi
    Citation: JA Clinical Reports 2022 8:66
  15. Remimazolam is an intravenous ultra-short-acting benzodiazepine with the benefit of hemodynamic stability, including blood pressure and pulse rate. We report a case in which remimazolam was used in living dono...

    Authors: Tsuguhiro Matsumoto, Kotaro Sakurai, Kazuyo Takahashi and Shuji Kawamoto
    Citation: JA Clinical Reports 2022 8:65
  16. The effect of delirium on cardiopulmonary exercise testing (CPX) is unknown. This retrospective study was to examine the effect of delirium on CPX at discharge in aged patients undergoing cardiac surgery.

    Authors: Yuta Shimomoto, Kana Mukaiyama, Takashi Hori, Yuichirou Inaki, Takafumi Masai and Yukio Hayashi
    Citation: JA Clinical Reports 2022 8:64
  17. Complex anatomical features are challenging for minimally invasive intradiscal therapy owing to insufficient visualization for accurate needle advancement. We report the case of a patient with dysraphic verteb...

    Authors: Shintaro Hagihara, Masayuki Nakagawa, Kana Matsubara, Kohei Godai, Kenya Kamijima and Yoichiro Abe
    Citation: JA Clinical Reports 2022 8:63
  18. Anesthetic management of non-thoracic surgery in patients with giant bullae is challenging. We present a case of laparoscopic cholecystectomy in a patient with a giant bulla managed with one-lung ventilation (...

    Authors: Taku Mayahara, Ryosuke Fukuoka, Norihiro Shimada and Junji Nishiyama
    Citation: JA Clinical Reports 2022 8:62
  19. Dexamethasone is used perioperatively as an antiemetic for postoperative nausea and vomiting. Evidence and mechanism linking dexamethasone and hypertensive attack of pheochromocytoma during anesthesia have not...

    Authors: Shuichiro Kurita and Yoshinori Kamiya
    Citation: JA Clinical Reports 2022 8:59
  20. Symptomatic sick sinus syndrome is one of the indications for pacemaker implantation, and we have to consider to program the pacemaker to an asynchronous pacing mode during an operation.

    Authors: Akiko Tomita-Kobayashi, Tomoko Fujimoto, Shoko Takada, Yuki Masuda, Akinobu Mizutani and Yukio Hayashi
    Citation: JA Clinical Reports 2022 8:56

    The Correction to this article has been published in JA Clinical Reports 2022 8:68

  21. Establishing one-lung ventilation (OLV) in patients with tracheal bronchus (TB) may be challenging due to its unusual bronchial anatomy. We present a case of difficult OLV in a patient with right TB and steepl...

    Authors: Taichi Onimaru, Mineto Kamata and Hideyuki Nakagawa
    Citation: JA Clinical Reports 2022 8:55
  22. In minimally invasive cardiac surgery (MICS) and extracorporeal membrane oxygenation (ECMO), a guidewire is inserted from the femoral vein (FV) into the right atrium. However, rarely, the guidewire or catheter...

    Authors: Yoshiaki Takise, Takuma Maeda, Hiroki Yonezawa, Kimito Minami, Masahiro Morinaga and Yoshihiko Ohnishi
    Citation: JA Clinical Reports 2022 8:54
  23. Myofascial pain syndrome is one of the causes of prolonged postoperative pain after abdominal surgery. However, diagnosis and treatment of myofascial pain syndrome, especially its myofascial trigger point (MTr...

    Authors: Rumiko Hachisuka, Shima Taguchi, Katsuyuki Moriwaki, Kyoko Oshita, Ayako Umeda and Yasuo M. Tsutsumi
    Citation: JA Clinical Reports 2022 8:53
  24. Fever and associated shivering are frequent symptoms in patients with coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19). High body temperature activates the immune system, which might be beneficial. However, shivering leads...

    Authors: Takanori Suzuka, Yusuke Naito, Keiko Uemura, Mitsuru Ida, Junji Egawa and Masahiko Kawaguchi
    Citation: JA Clinical Reports 2022 8:51

    The Correction to this article has been published in JA Clinical Reports 2022 8:57

  25. Thoracic endovascular aortic repair (TEVAR) has become a widely accepted treatment strategy for patients with thoracic aortic pathologies. We present a case of TEVAR where transesophageal echocardiography (TEE...

    Authors: Mohamed Eissa, Asadollah Mir-Ghassemi, Sudhir Nagpal and Hesham F. Talab
    Citation: JA Clinical Reports 2022 8:50
  26. Some individuals with subclinical myasthenia gravis (MG) are positive for serum anti-acetylcholine receptor antibodies, without neurological symptoms. There are no anesthetic management guidelines for subclini...

    Authors: Satoshi Uchida, Reiko Kudo, Daiki Takekawa and Kazuyoshi Hirota
    Citation: JA Clinical Reports 2022 8:49
  27. Endoscopic procedures are rarely performed in children with congenital heart disease (CHD); therefore, the associated complications are unknown. We report an abrupt change in circulatory and respiratory condit...

    Authors: Nanako Yasutomi, Tatsuhiko Shimizu, Tomoyuki Kanazawa, Kazuyoshi Shimizu, Tatsuo Iwasaki and Hiroshi Morimatsu
    Citation: JA Clinical Reports 2022 8:48
  28. Independent lung ventilation (ILV) allows separate positive end-expiratory pressures (PEEP) and inspiratory pressures for each lung. However, only a few articles have reported ILV management for lungs affected...

    Authors: Natsuko Hirai, Makiko Konda, Yusuke Naito, Nobuhiro Tanaka, Junji Egawa and Masahiko Kawaguchi
    Citation: JA Clinical Reports 2022 8:47
  29. Anesthetic management of thoracic aortic aneurysms (TAAs) is sometimes difficult due to fatal complications, including hypovolemic shock secondary to aneurysm rupture. We report the successful management of an...

    Authors: Yasuhiro Suda, Ami Sugawara, Megumi Kanao-Kanda, Tomonori Shirasaka, Hiroyuki Kamiya and Hirotsugu Kanda
    Citation: JA Clinical Reports 2022 8:46
  30. We tested the hypothesis that patients who continued buprenorphine postoperatively experience postoperative respiratory depression less frequently than those who discontinued buprenorphine.

    Authors: Ryu Komatsu, Michael D. Singleton, Katherin A. Peperzak, Jiang Wu, Emily M. Dinges and Laurent A. Bollag
    Citation: JA Clinical Reports 2022 8:45
  31. Transurethral resection of the prostate (TUR-P) could incidentally cause hyponatremia, known as TUR syndrome due to intravascular absorption of non-electrolytic irrigation fluid. Recently, normal saline has be...

    Authors: Naomi Okuma, Hideki Hino, Madoka Kuroki, Tadashi Matsuura and Takashi Mori
    Citation: JA Clinical Reports 2022 8:43