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  1. Sialidosis is an autosomal recessive glycoprotein storage disorder, caused by neuraminidase deficiency which leads to abnormal intracellular accumulation and urinary excretion of sialylated oligosaccharides, r...

    Authors: Tomonori Furuya, Masumi Itagaki, Nami Sugaya, Ryoji Iida, Takeshi Maeda and Takahiro Suzuki
    Citation: JA Clinical Reports 2021 7:20
  2. Hereditary hemorrhagic telangiectasia (HHT), also known as Rendu-Osler-Weber syndrome, is a rare autosomal dominant disorder characterized by mucocutaneous telangiectasia and arteriovenous malformations (AVMs)...

    Authors: Yuji Kamimura, Toshiyuki Nakanishi, Aiji (Boku)Sato, Eisuke Kako, Motoshi Tanaka and Kazuya Sobue
    Citation: JA Clinical Reports 2021 7:19
  3. Drugs administered subcutaneously have delayed onset and prolonged duration of action versus those given intravenously. Since the duration of action of rocuronium is prolonged in patients with renal dysfunctio...

    Authors: Akira Doshu-Kajiura, Junko Suzuki and Takahiro Suzuki
    Citation: JA Clinical Reports 2021 7:18
  4. Remimazolam is a benzodiazepine receptor agonist with an ultra-short-acting anesthetic effect. We used remimazolam for anesthesia in a patient with myotonic dystrophy type 1 who underwent endoscopic retrograde...

    Authors: Masakazu Fukuda, Shunsuke Tachibana, Noriaki Nishihara and Michiaki Yamakage
    Citation: JA Clinical Reports 2021 7:17
  5. Intraoperative complications during combined thoracoscopic-laparoscopic surgery for esophagogastric junction (EGJ) carcinoma have not been reported as compared to those during surgery for esophageal carcinoma....

    Authors: Makiko Tani, Yoshikazu Matsuoka, Mayu Sugihara, Ayaka Fujii, Tomoyuki Kanazawa and Hiroshi Morimatsu
    Citation: JA Clinical Reports 2021 7:16
  6. Cannulation of a central venous catheter is sometimes associated with serious complications. When arterial cannulation occurs, attention must be given to removal of a catheter.

    Authors: Haruka Yoshida, Shinichiro Ikemoto, Yasuyuki Tokinaga, Kanako Ejiri and Tomoyuki Kawamata
    Citation: JA Clinical Reports 2021 7:15
  7. The indications for robot-assisted urologic surgeries have expanded due to their low invasiveness. However, complicated surgical procedures lead to prolonged surgical duration, requiring patients to remain in ...

    Authors: Masataka Fukuda, Izumi Kawagoe, Tsukasa Kochiyama, Nozomi Ando, Osamu Kudoh, Daizoh Satoh and Masakazu Hayashida
    Citation: JA Clinical Reports 2021 7:13
  8. Trigger point blocks are now widely practiced, especially in pain treatment. Among the complications of lumbar trigger point injection, reports of medically induced kidney injury are very rare, and diagnosis d...

    Authors: Satoshi Sato, Shunsuke Tachibana, Kayoko Okazaki, Hitoshi Namba, Takahiro Ichimiya and Michiaki Yamakage
    Citation: JA Clinical Reports 2021 7:12
  9. Patients with sepsis often exhibit abnormal patterns of electroencephalogram (EEG). We report an abnormal EEG pattern in a later-stage elderly patient with septic shock and EEG analysis results.

    Authors: Hirotaka Kinoshita, Tetsuya Kushikata, Daiki Takekawa and Kazuyoshi Hirota
    Citation: JA Clinical Reports 2021 7:5
  10. Cases of systemic thromboembolism due to thrombus formation in the pulmonary vein stump after lobectomy have been reported recently. Cerebral infarction after left upper lobectomy is a common symptom in these ...

    Authors: Yuri Fujimoto, Ryosuke Hamachi, Yoshimasa Motoyama, Etsuko Kanna, Masako Murakami, Takako Matsukado, Genkichi Saito and Ken Yamaura
    Citation: JA Clinical Reports 2021 7:4
  11. Epidural anesthesia affects lower extremities, which often prevents early mobilization postoperatively. The incidence of numbness and motor weakness in the lower extremities with respect to epidural catheter p...

    Authors: Yuya Murata, Kumiko Yamada, Yuto Hamaguchi, Soichiro Yamashita and Makoto Tanaka
    Citation: JA Clinical Reports 2021 7:3
  12. Idiopathic dilatation of the pulmonary artery (IDPA) is a rare condition in which the pulmonary artery dilates without an obvious cause. Pulmonary artery replacement is indicated in severe cases to prevent ser...

    Authors: Akira Nishioka, Kyosuke Takahashi and Yasuhiro Maehara
    Citation: JA Clinical Reports 2021 7:2
  13. Remimazolam is a novel short-acting benzodiazepine characterized by metabolism independent from organ function. We report intraoperative MEP responses of two patients who underwent spine surgery under general ...

    Authors: Takashi Kondo, Yukari Toyota, Soshi Narasaki, Tomoyuki Watanabe, Hirotsugu Miyoshi, Noboru Saeki and Yasuo M. Tsutsumi
    Citation: JA Clinical Reports 2020 6:97
  14. Recognition of rocuronium-induced anaphylaxis is often challenging, owing to its diverse clinical manifestations. Regarding treatment, several reports have described the efficacy of sugammadex, while conflicti...

    Authors: Yoshiaki Takise, Jungo Kato, Tomohiro Suhara, Takashige Yamada, Takeru Funakoshi, Hayato Takahashi, Masayuki Amagai and Hiroshi Morisaki
    Citation: JA Clinical Reports 2020 6:95
  15. Temporomandibular disorder (TMD) is a broad term that encompasses pain and/or dysfunction of the masticatory musculature and TM joints (TMJs). When TMD becomes a chronic condition, the symptoms are extremely d...

    Authors: Yuki Kojima, Ryozo Sendo, Sachi Ohno and Mitsutaka Sugimura
    Citation: JA Clinical Reports 2020 6:94
  16. Kagami-Ogata syndrome (KOS) is due to abnormal gene expression in the 14q32.2 imprinted region. Laryngomalacia and bell-shaped thorax of children with KOS can affect airway management of general anesthesia.

    Authors: Hisako Nishimoto, Masahiro Yagihara, Aki Uemura and Yoshiki Nakajima
    Citation: JA Clinical Reports 2020 6:91
  17. Classic symptoms of acute appendicitis are well known but are uncommon and often misinterpreted in pediatric patients, potentially delaying diagnosis and resulting in rare sequelae.

    Authors: Bibek Saha, Kazuyoshi Aoyama, Maria-Alexandra Petre, Marina Englesakis, James Robertson and Mark Levine
    Citation: JA Clinical Reports 2020 6:89
  18. Acute neurological deficit upon emergence from general anesthesia is a serious emergency. Conversion disorder, previously known as hysteria, is a somatoform disorder that causes neurological deficits without a...

    Authors: Asuka Ito, Tatsuo Nakamoto, Sayaka Ohira and Takahiko Kamibayashi
    Citation: JA Clinical Reports 2020 6:88
  19. Currently, the occurrence of left atrial thrombus despite the provision of heparinization within a few days of hospitalization without atrial fibrillation (AF) and mitral stenosis (MS) is rarely reported.

    Authors: Keiko Okamura, Mitsuharu Kodaka, Junko Ichikawa, Kazuyoshi Ando and Makiko Komori
    Citation: JA Clinical Reports 2020 6:86
  20. An increasing number of patients come to the operating room in use of opioid analgesics. They have different levels of tolerance to opioid effects which challenge the anesthesiologists in search of safe and ef...

    Authors: Natsuko Nozaki-Taguchi, Taiichiro Hayashida and Shiroh Isono
    Citation: JA Clinical Reports 2020 6:85
  21. Neuromuscular disorders (NMDs) occur in different forms and are generally diagnosed using muscle biopsy. Among the available anesthetic management options for infants with a suspected NMD are general anesthesi...

    Authors: Yoshiaki Ishida, Masato Morita, Takahisa Sasaki and Akiko Taniguchi
    Citation: JA Clinical Reports 2020 6:84
  22. Few cases of asystole or severe bradycardia occurring after the termination of seizure in the third phase with the dominance of parasympathetic nervous system activity during electroconvulsive therapy (ECT) ha...

    Authors: Yuji Kadoi, Minoru Michizaki, Takanari Saito, Jo Ota, Shigeru Saito and Tatsuo Sameshima
    Citation: JA Clinical Reports 2020 6:83
  23. Myotonic dystrophy is a disorder affecting multiple organs including skeletal muscles and causes respiratory failure. We describe a patient who developed respiratory failure, with delayed diagnosis of myotonic...

    Authors: Noriaki Nishihara, Shunsuke Tachibana, Hajime Sonoda and Michiaki Yamakage
    Citation: JA Clinical Reports 2020 6:80
  24. Pneumopericardium in neonates is often associated with respiratory diseases, of which positive pressure ventilation (PPV) is an exacerbating factor. Here, we present a neonate case of pneumopericardium after c...

    Authors: Makiko Tani, Tomoyuki Kanazawa, Naohiro Shioji, Kazuyoshi Shimizu, Tatsuo Iwasaki and Hiroshi Morimatsu
    Citation: JA Clinical Reports 2020 6:79
  25. Patients with malignant pleural mesothelioma (MPM) frequently complain of intractable pain that is resistant to conservative treatments. Although spinal cord stimulation (SCS) may be promising in the alleviati...

    Authors: Aiko Maeda, Masatsugu Watanabe, Chiaki Saigano, Shoko Nakayama and Ken Yamaura
    Citation: JA Clinical Reports 2020 6:78
  26. The anesthetic management of cesarean sections in Fontan-palliated parturients requires strict hemodynamic control. However, patient management with central venous oxygen saturation (ScvO2) and oxygen consumption...

    Authors: Kazutomo Saito, Hiroaki Toyama, Atsushi Okamoto and Masanori Yamauchi
    Citation: JA Clinical Reports 2020 6:77
  27. Removal of an airway foreign body is challenging to anesthesiologists. We report successful removal of an extremely rare foreign body between a tracheal tube and the trachea in patients under tracheal intubation.

    Authors: Shiori Tanaka, Keisuke Yoshida, Kenichi Muramatsu, Shigeki Yamagishi, Shinju Obara and Kazuhiro Watanabe
    Citation: JA Clinical Reports 2020 6:76
  28. In single-space combined spinal-epidural anesthesia (CSEA), it is important to correctly determine if the fluid coming out of the spinal needle is cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) or the liquid used in the loss of re...

    Authors: Hiromi Ikegami, Kunihisa Hotta and Yoshie Toba
    Citation: JA Clinical Reports 2020 6:75
  29. Hyponatremia can be developed during hysteroscopic surgery with electrolyte-free irrigation fluid. We experienced severe hyponatremia with postoperative seizures and confirmed mild brain edema.

    Authors: Haruko Okazaki, Norikazu Miura, Yuki Kashima, Ryoichi Miyashita, Katsunori Oe, Keiko Kawakami, Tetsuya Ishikawa and Kenichi Masui
    Citation: JA Clinical Reports 2020 6:74
  30. Excessive dynamic airway collapse (EDAC) is an uncommon cause of high airway pressure during mechanical ventilation. However, EDAC is not widely recognized by anesthesiologists, and therefore, it is often misd...

    Authors: Shunichi Murakami, Shunsuke Tsuruta, Kazuyoshi Ishida, Atsuo Yamashita and Mishiya Matsumoto
    Citation: JA Clinical Reports 2020 6:73
  31. In a patient with very long-chain acyl-Coenzyme A dehydrogenase (VLCAD) deficiency, metabolism of fatty acids is impaired and a supply of alternative energy is limited when glucose level is insufficient on sta...

    Authors: Haruyuki Yuasa, Yukio Onoda, Atsuhiro Kitaura, Takashi Mino, Shota Tsukimoto and Shinichi Nakao
    Citation: JA Clinical Reports 2020 6:72
  32. Pulmonary vein thrombosis (PVT) and cerebral infarction are rare but critical complications after video-assisted thoracic surgery (VATS).

    Authors: Yosuke Fujii, Yumiko Mori, Kei Kambara, Kiichi Hirota, Masashi Yanada, Shogo Toda and Mitsuko Hashiguchi
    Citation: JA Clinical Reports 2020 6:71