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Table 3 Data for patients with intraoperative MAP < 65 mmHg

From: Anesthesia management in 14 cases of cesarean delivery in renal transplant patients—a single-center retrospective observational study

CaseAnesthesia methodTiming of hypotensionDuration under MAP < 65 mmHgVasopressors (intraoperative total dose)
1GAInduction of GA, post-delivery17.5 minPhenylephrine (0.15 mg)
2GAInduction of GA, post-delivery15 minNo use
3GAInduction of GA, after NTG infusion13 minPhenylephrine (0.3 mg), ephedrine (4 mg), and dopamine (1–3 μg/kg/min)
4RAAfter NTG infusion3 minPhenylephrine (0.45 mg)
5RAAfter NTG infusion5 minPhenylephrine (0.05 mg)
6RAAfter NTG infusion2 minPhenylephrine (0.3 mg)
  1. MAP mean arterial pressure, GA general anesthesia, NTG nitroglycerin, RA regional anesthesia