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Table 1 The CASPAR (ClASsification criteria for Psoriatic ARthritis) criteria

From: Difficult airway management of a patient with limited range of motion in the temporomandibular joint and cervical extension caused by psoriatic arthritis: a case report

1. Medical history of psoriasis*
 Current psoriasis2
 Personal history of psoriasis or family history of psoriasis1
2. Nail dystrophy
 Typical psoriatic nail dystrophy observed in current physical examination1
3. Rheumatoid factor
 A negative test result for the presence of rheumatoid factor1
4. Dactylitis
 Current dactylitis or a history of dactylitis1
5. Radiographic evidence
 Juxta articular new bone formation on plain radiographs of the hand or foot1
  1. To meet the CASPAR criteria, a patient must have inflammatory articular disease (joint, spine, or entheseal) with ≥ 3 points from the 5 categories
  2. *In this category, only either can be selected