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Table 1 Preoperative cardiac catheter laboratory findings

From: One-lung ventilation in a patient with Fontan circulation undergoing diaphragmatic plication surgery: a case report

  Before TCPC conversion Immediately after TCPC conversion Before current surgery
SVC/IVC/conduit (mmHg) 9/9/9 16a 16/16/16
lt. PA/rt. PA (mmHg) 9/9   14/14
lt. PC wedge (mmHg) 7   11
rt. PC wedge (mmHg) 5   10
PVR (w.u.) 0.4   1.4
  1. TCPC total cavopulmonary connection, SVC superior vena cava, IVC inferior vena cava, PA pulmonary artery, PC pulmonary capillary, PVR pulmonary vascular resistance
  2. aAverage central venous pressure (CVP) measured at the bedside through postoperative day 1–3