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Table 3 Impact of low cholinesterase on predicting the development of complications after orthopedic surgery

From: Low serum cholinesterase predicts complication risk after orthopedic surgery in elderly patients: an observational pilot study

  Unadjusted Adjusted
  OR (95% CI) P value OR (95% CI) P value
Serum ChE, < 200 unit/L 5.33 (2.74–10.4) < 0.001 2.99 (1.41–6.33) 0.004
  1. Logistic regression analysis was used to adjust age, body mass index, American Society of Anesthesiologists class ≥ 3, history of heart failure or ischemic heart disease, operative indication, and perioperative blood transfusion. ChE cholinesterase, OR odds ratio