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  1. Children with severe obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) carry a higher risk of respiratory complications after adenotonsillectomy. Their altered sensitivity to opioids may be a significant contributor to respirator...

    Authors: Connie Mun-Price, Kathleen Than, Margaret J. Klein, Patrick Ross, Eugene Kim, Christian Hochstim and Makoto Nagoshi
    Citation: JA Clinical Reports 2022 8:41
  2. Intraoperative superior vena cava (SVC) clamping causes hypotension and cerebral congestion. There is no established method for monitoring brain function during cerebral congestion. We encountered a case of ce...

    Authors: Hirotsugu Miyoshi, Ryuji Nakamura, Sachiko Otsuki, Yuko Noda, Noboru Saeki and Yasuo M. Tsutsumi
    Citation: JA Clinical Reports 2022 8:40
  3. Mitochondrial myopathy, encephalopathy, lactic acidosis, and stroke-like episodes (MELAS) syndrome is characterized by cardiac depression, respiratory failure, myopathy, and anesthesia for affected patients is...

    Authors: Atsuhiro Kitaura, Reiko Kosumi, Tatsushige Iwamoto and Shinichi Nakao
    Citation: JA Clinical Reports 2022 8:38
  4. The use of pressure-controlled ventilation (PCV) during one lung ventilation (OLV) has been popular to avoid high airway pressure. We experienced a case of a significant reduction of tidal volume (TV) after co...

    Authors: Taichi Shiraishi, Shinju Obara, Takahiro Hakozaki, Tsuyoshi Isosu and Satoki Inoue
    Citation: JA Clinical Reports 2022 8:36
  5. Anesthesiologists monitor electroencephalography (EEG) intraoperatively to maintain adequate depth of anesthesia. However, the EEG signal is affected by noise and interference. The SedLine® is a brain function...

    Authors: Hiroki Yonezawa, Takuma Maeda, Yoshiaki Takise, Masahiro Morinaga and Yoshihiko Ohnishi
    Citation: JA Clinical Reports 2022 8:35
  6. Network meta-analyses (NMAs) of respiratory management strategies for acute hypoxemic respiratory failure (AHRF) have been reported, but no previous study has compared noninvasive ventilation (NIV), high-flow ...

    Authors: Hiromu Okano, Masaaki Sakuraya, Tomoyuki Masuyama, Shunsuke Kimata and Satoshi Hokari
    Citation: JA Clinical Reports 2022 8:34
  7. First-degree atrioventricular block (AVB) may lead to complete AVB. Herein, we present a case of a complete AVB under thoracic epidural catheter infusion of ropivacaine with fentanyl in a patient with first-de...

    Authors: Takuma Hashimoto, Shinobu Kuratomi and Hayashi Yoshimura
    Citation: JA Clinical Reports 2022 8:33
  8. Occlusion or malposition of the venous cannula during cardiopulmonary bypass (CPB) increases central venous pressure (CVP). When high CVP is measured, we need to determine if it is actually high or if it is me...

    Authors: Soshi Narasaki, Hirotsugu Miyoshi, Ryuji Nakamura, Ayako Sumii, Tomoyuki Watanabe, Sachiko Otsuki and Yasuo M. Tsutsumi
    Citation: JA Clinical Reports 2022 8:29
  9. Adhesive arachnoiditis has been described as a deteriorating neurological complication after neuraxial blockade; however, few pieces of literatures have reported minor cases that resemble peripheral neuropathy.

    Authors: Satoshi Shimizu
    Citation: JA Clinical Reports 2022 8:28
  10. Cryoprecipitate, which contains fibrinogen and factor VIII in large quantities, is concentrated from fresh frozen plasma, and it has hemostatic effects in severe bleeding. We retrospectively examined the effec...

    Authors: Satoshi Kouroki, Toyoaki Maruta and Isao Tsuneyoshi
    Citation: JA Clinical Reports 2022 8:27
  11. Carotid artery manipulation is not a special technique but reports of intraoperative ventricular fibrillation are rare. The risk of fatal arrhythmias may be hidden behind routine surgical techniques and anesth...

    Authors: Yuji Ueda, Masaaki Asamoto, Taro Kariya, Takafumi Akai, Katsuyuki Hoshina and Kanji Uchida
    Citation: JA Clinical Reports 2022 8:26
  12. Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) is known to cause generalized muscle atrophy and respiratory complications. Anesthetic agents and methods for patients with ALS are extremely important because they critical...

    Authors: Noriaki Nishihara, Shunsuke Tachibana, Mariko Ikeshima, Ayumi Ino and Michiaki Yamakage
    Citation: JA Clinical Reports 2022 8:25
  13. Monosomy 21 is a rare chromosomal abnormality. It is mainly associated with mental retardation, intellectual disability, growth retardation, microcephaly, and characteristic facial features. General anesthesia...

    Authors: Yoshiki Saito, Tomohiro Chaki, Noriaki Nishihara and Michiaki Yamakage
    Citation: JA Clinical Reports 2022 8:24
  14. One-lung ventilation is a standard technique for thoracic anesthesia. Usually, one-lung ventilation requires a large-bore tracheal tube. Therefore, in patients with vocal cord morbidity, it is challenging to a...

    Authors: Kenichi Takechi, Yoko Sanki, Kei Abe and Ichiro Shimizu
    Citation: JA Clinical Reports 2022 8:22
  15. Recent technological advancements have enabled the use of electrolyte solutions such as saline or buffered electrolyte solution during transurethral resection or laser enucleation of the prostate. However, sal...

    Authors: Makiko Tabuchi, Kohei Morozumi, Yuichi Maki, Daisuke Toyoda and Yoshifumi Kotake
    Citation: JA Clinical Reports 2022 8:20
  16. Precision medicine is a phrase used to describe personalized medical care tailored to specific patients based on their clinical presentation and genetic makeup. However, despite the fact that several single nu...

    Authors: Yoshiteru Tabata, Yoshiyuki Matsuo, Yosuke Fujii, Atsufumi Ohta and Kiichi Hirota
    Citation: JA Clinical Reports 2022 8:17
  17. We experienced two adult cases of fulminant myocarditis with severe cardiogenic shock where Impella left ventricular assist device [left ventricle (LV)-Impella] was concomitantly used with venoarterial extraco...

    Authors: Hideyuki Nandate, Tasuku Nishihara, Yukihiro Nakata, Taisuke Hamada, Yasushi Takasaki and Toshihiro Yorozuya
    Citation: JA Clinical Reports 2022 8:15
  18. Metastatic pheochromocytoma in the spine is a very rare complication during pregnancy. We report anesthesia in a pregnant woman for resection of an undiagnosed spinal tumor, accompanied by remarkable hemodynam...

    Authors: Sumire Kurosawa, Hiroyuki Yamasaki, Wakuya Hasegawa and Takashi Mori
    Citation: JA Clinical Reports 2022 8:13
  19. Ventilatory management of respiratory failure with pneumomediastinum/subcutaneous emphysema is not established. Herein, we report a case of severe COVID-19 pneumonia with extensive pneumomediastinum/subcutaneo...

    Authors: Jumpei Kohara, Shinichi Kai, Kazuya Hashimoto, Yudai Takatani, Naoya Tanabe, Satoshi Hamada, Kosai Cho, Tomoharu Tanaka, Isao Ito and Shigeru Ohtsuru
    Citation: JA Clinical Reports 2022 8:12
  20. Massive hemoptysis causing inadequate ventilation results in life-threatening consequences. We present a patient who developed respiratory insufficiency produced by bronchiectatic massive hemoptysis and underw...

    Authors: Tomonori Kimura, Tomoe Kobayashi, Fumimasa Kobori, Maria Goto, Mikako Takemitsu, Atsuko Tanaka, Jiro Sato and Shinji Isomine
    Citation: JA Clinical Reports 2022 8:11
  21. In robot-assisted laparoscopic prostatectomy (RALP), concerns include the formation of atelectasis and reduced functional residual capacity. The present study aimed to examine the feasibility of positive end-e...

    Authors: Koichi Nakazawa, Ami Kodaira, Rika Matsumoto, Tomoko Matsushita, Ryotaro Yoshikawa, Yusuke Ishida and Hiroyuki Uchino
    Citation: JA Clinical Reports 2022 8:10
  22. Tracheal stenosis is a life-threatening condition, and management of a patient with a risk of tracheal stenosis is challenging for anesthesiologists. In this report, we describe a method for airway management ...

    Authors: Satoshi Sato, Tomohiro Chaki, Takayuki Onaka and Michiaki Yamakage
    Citation: JA Clinical Reports 2022 8:9
  23. Pseudothrombocytopenia is a phenomenon caused by in vitro platelet aggregation induced by anticoagulants contained in blood sampling tubes. Thromboelastography (TEG) 6s is a common point-of-care viscoelastic t...

    Authors: Yoshihiko Chiba, Yuji Otsuka, Alan Kawarai Lefor and Masamitsu Sanui
    Citation: JA Clinical Reports 2022 8:8
  24. Systemic inflammatory response occurs by sepsis and invasive surgery. Recent articles suggest that not only CRP but also procalcitonin, presepsin, and neutrophil gelatinase-associated lipocalin may reflect the...

    Authors: Masahiro Akaishi, Eiji Hashiba, Daiki Takekawa, Tetsuya Kushikata and Kazuyoshi Hirota
    Citation: JA Clinical Reports 2022 8:7
  25. Postoperative delirium is an important complication after surgery, including urological surgery. This study evaluated the incidence of postoperative delirium and its associated factors after transurethral rese...

    Authors: Shohei Nakatani, Mitsuru Ida, Xiaoying Wang, Yusuke Naito and Masahiko Kawaguchi
    Citation: JA Clinical Reports 2022 8:6
  26. Extubation failure, i.e., reintubation in ventilated patients, is a well-known risk factor for mortality and prolonged stay in the intensive care unit (ICU). Although sputum volume is a risk factor, the freque...

    Authors: Junpei Haruna, Hiroomi Tatsumi, Satoshi Kazuma, Aki Sasaki and Yoshiki Masuda
    Citation: JA Clinical Reports 2022 8:5
  27. Pneumoperitoneum is a common complication of percutaneous endoscopic gastrostomy (PEG). We report a case of circulatory and respiratory depression due to pneumoperitoneum caused by PEG dislodgement during endo...

    Authors: Jun Honda, Keisuke Kuwana, Saori Kase, Shinju Obara and Satoki Inoue
    Citation: JA Clinical Reports 2022 8:3
  28. Trigeminocardiac reflex (TCR) by stimulation of the sensory branch of the trigeminal nerve induces transient bradycardia and hypotension. We report a case in which light mechanical stimulation to the dura mate...

    Authors: Akari Yoshida, Takafumi Seki, Yuichi Aratani, Tadashi Tanioku and Tomoyuki Kawamata
    Citation: JA Clinical Reports 2022 8:2
  29. Takayasu’s arteritis (TA) is a chronic, progressive, inflammatory arteritis. We presented the case of cesarean section in a patient with TA.

    Authors: Taichi Ando, Makoto Sumie, Shoichi Sasaki, Miho Yoshimura, Keiko Nobukuni, Jun Maki, Katsuyuki Matsushita, Kazuhiro Shirozu, Midoriko Higashi and Ken Yamaura
    Citation: JA Clinical Reports 2022 8:1
  30. The efficacy of glucagon for adrenaline-resistant anaphylactic shock in patients taking β-blockers is controversial. However, understanding the efficacy of glucagon is important because adrenaline-resistant an...

    Authors: Yu Murakami, Shohei Kaneko, Haruka Yokoyama, Hironori Ishizaki, Motohiro Sekino, Hiroaki Murata and Tetsuya Hara
    Citation: JA Clinical Reports 2021 7:86
  31. To elucidate the clinical course of patients with coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) treated at a specialized hospital mainly for those with mild and moderate severity during the third wave, and to compare th...

    Authors: Yutaka Oda, Motoko Shimada, Satoshi Shiraishi and Osamu Kurai
    Citation: JA Clinical Reports 2021 7:85
  32. Some institutions reuse cuff syringes and do not periodically sterilize cuff pressure gauges. Pathogenic bacterial contamination of such equipment may increase the probability of pathogen transmission to patie...

    Authors: Rieko Oishi, Kiwamu Nakamura, Yoko Yahagi, Kazutaka Ohashi, Yukiko Takano, Rie Harada, Shinju Obara, Satoki Inoue, Keiji Kanemitsu and Masahiro Murakawa
    Citation: JA Clinical Reports 2021 7:83
  33. Atrial tachycardia (AT) is rare in children and can usually be reversed to sinus rhythm with pharmacotherapy and cardioversion. We report a rare case of severe left-sided heart failure due to refractory AT.

    Authors: Tatsuhiko Shimizu, Tomoyuki Kanazawa, Takanobu Sakura, Kazuyoshi Shimizu and Tatsuo Iwasaki
    Citation: JA Clinical Reports 2021 7:81
  34. Continuous electroencephalogram (EEG) monitoring is useful for assessing the level of sedation and detecting non-convulsive epileptic seizures and cerebral ischemia in the intensive care unit. This report desc...

    Authors: Keisuke Mihara, Haruna Nakahara, Kouhei Iwashita, Kenji Shigematsu, Ken Yamaura and Kozaburo Akiyoshi
    Citation: JA Clinical Reports 2021 7:79