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Table 1 Blood examination on transfer to our institution

From: Anesthetic management of living-donor lung transplantation for end-stage COVID-19 lung failure

Blood count and coagulation test results
 White blood cells 7.79×103/μL
 Red blood cells 296×104/μL
 Hemoglobin 9.6 g/dL
 Hematocrit 28 %
 Platelet count 6.5×104/μL
 Prothrombin time 1.11 (international normalized ratio (INR))
 Activated partial thromboplastin time 62.5 s
 Fibrinogen 66 mg/dL
 D-dimer 18.7 μg/mL
Arterial blood gas analysis (room air)
 pH 7.469
 PaCO2 33.9 mmHg
 PaO2 65.8 mmHg
 HCO3 24.1mmol/L
 BE 0.4 mmol/L
 SaO2 93.5%
  1. VV-ECMO at 2800 rpm, blood flow 3.0 L/min, sweep gas 4 L/min with FiO2 1.0