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Table 1 Criteria for initiating SBT

From: Frequent tracheal suctioning is associated with extubation failure in patients with successful spontaneous breathing trial: a single-center retrospective cohort study

(1) Oxygenation
 SpO2 >90% under FIO2≤0.5 and PEEP≤8 cmH2O
(2) Circulation
 No acute myocardial ischemia or serious arrhythmia
 Heart rate <140 bpm
 DOA 5μg/kg/min, DOB 5μg/kg/min, NAD 0.05μg/kg/min
(3) Ventilation
 Tidal volume>5 ml/IBW
 Respiratory minute volume<15 L/min
 Rapid shallow breathing index < 105/min/L
 No respiratory acidosis (pH<7.25)
 Normal breathing pattern
 No respiratory effort
(4) General condition
 No serious electrolyte disorders
 No severe anemia
 No serious fluid overload
  1. SBT spontaneous breathing trial, DOA dopamine, DOB dobutamine, NAD noradrenaline, IBW ideal body weight