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Table 4 INTERMACS clinical profile [4]

From: Outcomes of severe peripartum cardiomyopathy and mechanical circulatory support: a case series

Level Description Hemodynamic status
1 Critical cardiogenic shock, “crash and burn” Persistent hypotension despite rapidly escalating inotropic support and eventually IABP, and critical organ hypoperfusion
2 Progressive decline on inotropic support, “sliding on inotropes” Intravenous inotropic support with acceptable values of blood pressure and continuing deterioration in nutrition, renal function, or fluid retention
3 Stable but inotrope dependent, “dependent stability” Stability reached with mild to moderate doses of inotropes but demonstrating failure to wean from them because of hypotension, worsening symptoms, or progressive renal dysfunction
4 Resting symptoms, “frequent flyer” Possible weaning of inotropes but experiencing recurrent relapses, usually fluid retention
5 Exertion intolerant, housebound Severe limited tolerance for activity, comfortable at rest with some volume overload and often with some renal dysfunction
6 Exertion limited, “walking wounded” Less severe limited tolerance for activity and lack of volume overload, fatigue easily
7 Advanced NYHA III “symptoms, placeholder” Patient without current or recent unstable fluid balance, NYHA class II or III
  1. INTERMACS Interagency Registry for Mechanically Assisted Circulatory Support, NYHA New York Heart Association functional classification