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Table 1 Hemodynamic parameters and ECG change after the onset of ST elevation

From: Acute myocardial infarction in patient without cardiac risk factors during emergence from general anesthesia: a case report

 10 min30 min1 h4 h16 h24 h48 h
Heart rhythmAFAFAFAFAFSinus rhythmSinus rhythm
Heart rate (bpm)160–170120–13090–10090–10090–10080–9070–80
Blood pressure105/50110/55115/54135/80130/75135/80125/70
ST elevation DII (mV)0.4–0.50.2–0.30.1–0.2< 0.1< 0.1< 0.1< 0.1
  1. Trends in heart rhythm, heart rate blood pressure, and ST elevation of the patient after onset of ST elevation. AF atrial fibrillation