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Table 1 Changes in vital signs and serum cholinesterase before and after both patients’ admissions

From: Opposite changes in blood pressure and pulse rate in two patients with distigmine and rivastigmine intoxication

 Days after admission
(Patient A) 
 − 2 m− 1 m0+ 1+ 3+ 12+ 1 m+ 2 m
BP, mmHg100/52110/7269/40104/52105/46110/50104/58130/74
PR, bpm6478606661616064
SpO2, %989891 (10 L)98 (4L)97969697
(Patient B)
 − 2 m− 1 m0+ 1+ 7+ 14+ 1 m+ 2 m
BP, mmHg143/83126/69202/86135/65116/45169/81144/66135/63
PR, bpm7475838578838369
SpO2, %NDND979997959599
ChE, IU/LNDND2278236NDND248
  1. Trends in vital signs and serum cholinesterase (ChE) are shown for patients A (case 1) and B (case 2). Data before admission were obtained during routine check-ups by their primary care physicians
  2. BP blood pressure, PR pulse rate, SpO2 oxygen saturation, ND not determined