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Table 1 Results of arterial blood gas analysis

From: Anesthetic management of a patient with sodium-channel myotonia: a case report

pCO2 (mmHg)41.135.936.133.731.635.034.935.138.2
pO2 (mmHg)100334273274239273267265132
HCO3 (mEq/L)25.522.221.822.021.422.022.523.023.7
BE (mEq/L)1.3−1.5−2.0−1.2− 1.5−1.6− 1.0− 0.4− 0.3
Hb (g/dL)12.311.111.011.311.311.110.610.611.6
Glu (mg/dL)NA10912599981281128489
Na+ (mEq/L)140139142141142141143144137
K+ (mEq/L)
Cl (mEq/L)107109111113116114115115108
Ca2+ (mEq/L)
  1. BE base excess. G1–7: time points of these analyses are shown in Fig. 1