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Table 1 Previously reported cases of transient remission of pre-existing left bundle branch block during general anesthesia

From: Transient remission of pre-existing left bundle branch block during general anesthesia in a centenarian

References Age/sex Comorbidities Surgical procedure Induction agents Maintenance agents Elapsed time from anesthesia induction to LBBB remission (min) Situation at LBBB reappearance Suspected cause of remission
Garcia et al. (1997) [2] 58/M Hypertension Inguinal hernia repair Thiopental Enflurane 15 Sustained remission* Blood pressure reduction
Fentanyl Nitrous oxide
Suxamethonium Atracurium
Mishra et al. (2009) [3] 45/F Hypertension Mastectomy Propofol Isoflurane 25 On reversal of neuromuscular block Heart rate reduction (< 60 bpm)
Nitrous oxide
Silva et al. (2017) [4] 73/F Hypertension, bronchial asthma, diabetes mellitus (type II) Exploratory laparotomy Propofol Sevoflurane 30 On arrival in the PACU Heart rate reduction (< 75 bpm)
Present case 104/F Hypertension, chronic heart failure, cognitive impairment Femoral neck fracture fixation Propofol Desflurane 20 During the extubation period Blood pressure reduction
Fentanyl Remifentanil
  1. LBBB left bundle branch block, M male, F female, PACU postanesthesia care unit
  2. *Sustained remission was reconfirmed 1 month postoperatively
  3. LBBB disappeared again for 10 min during postoperative observation for 1 h
  4. Bronchospasm occurred during induction of anesthesia and was successfully treated with inhalation of salbutamol and ipratropium