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Table 1 Laboratory data on day 3

From: Lusutrombopag (Mulpleta®) treatment in a patient with thrombocytopenia complicated by cirrhosis prior to continuous epidural anesthesia during renal artery embolization: a case report

 White blood cells 2700 (/μL)
 Red blood cells 393 × 104 (/μL)
 Hemoglobin 13.5 (g/dL)
 Platelet count 5.4 × 104 (/μL)
 PT% 65.9 (%)
 PT-INR 1.22
 Total protein 7.3 (g/dL)
 Albumin 3.2 (mg/dL)
 Total bilirubin 1.3 (mg/dL)
 AST 59 (IU/L)
 ALT 41 (IU/L)
 LDH 239 (IU/L)
 ALP 439 (IU/L)
 GGT 22 (IU/L)
 Blood urea nitrogen 11.6 (mg/dL)
 Creatinine 0.58 (mg/dL)
  1. PT-INR international normalized ratio of prothrombin time, AST aspartate aminotransferase, ALT alanine aminotransferase, LDH lactate dehydrogenase, ALP alkaline phosphatase, GGT gamma-glutamyl transpeptidase