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Table 3 In-hospital mortality after hip fracture surgery. Binominal multivariate regression analysis

From: In-hospital mortality does not increase in patients aged over 85 years after hip fracture surgery. A retrospective observational study in a Japanese tertiary hospital

Variables β SE OR (95% CI) p value
ASA-PS score 1.08 0.44 2.94 (1.23–7.03) 0.015
Age (85 ≤ age) − 0.51 0.57 0.60 (0.20–1.81 0.599
Gender (female) 0.52 0.80 1.69 (0.35–8.14) 0.513
Location of fracture     0.717
Types of anesthesia     0.917
  1. ASA-PS score was associated with in-hospital mortality after surgery. There was no association with other variables including age groups, gender, location of fracture and types of anesthesia
  2. Abbreviations: β estimated regression coefficient, SE standard error of β, OR odds ratio, 95% CI 95% confidence intervals for the odds ratio. ASA-PS American Society of Anesthesiology physical status explanation of variables, ASA-PS score continuous scale (I–V), age categorical (75 ≤ age < 85, 85 ≤ age), types of anesthesia categorical (general anesthesia, general anesthesia combined with neuraxial or regional block, spinal anesthesia), location of fracture categorical (inter-capsular, extra-capsular)