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Table 4 Predictors of mortality by multivariate analysis

From: Neutrophil to lymphocyte ratio and platelet to lymphocyte ratio are superior to other inflammation-based prognostic scores in predicting the mortality of patients with gastrointestinal perforation

Predictors Hazard ratio 95% CI P value
SOFA-GCS score 1.709 1.108–2.637 0.015
NLR 1.257 1.035–1.527 0.021
PLR 1.004 1.001–1.007 0.016
Renal disease 1.238 0.13–11.821 0.853
  1. SOFA Sequential Organ Failure Assessment, GCS Glasgow Coma Scale, NLR neutrophil to lymphocyte ratio, PLR platelet to lymphocyte ratio