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Table 2 Changes in three signatures of Sonoclot® analyzer during the operation

From: A case of hemothorax due to traumatic bleeding managed effectively by Sonoclot®-guided blood transfusion

normal 100–155 s
Clot rate (CR)
normal 9–35
Platelet function (PF)
normal >1.5
Point 1 581 1.5 0.5
Point 2 258 6.5 0.5
Point 3 193 11.3 3.2
  1. Although all signatures of the Sonoclot analyzer, which is a point-of-care monitor of clotting factor and platelet function, showed severe coagulopathy (points 1 and 2), CR and PF, but not SonACT, were in normal ranges after the bleeding had stopped (point 3)