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Table 1 Arterial blood gas, spirometric, and echocardiographic data of the patient before BLTx and before esophagectomy

From: Perioperative management of esophagectomy in a patient who previously underwent bilateral lung transplantation

  Before BLTx Before MIE
Arterial blood gases on room air   
PaO2 (mmHg) 51 99
PaCO2 (mmHg) 49 44
SaO2 (%) 86 98.5
FVC (mL) 900 2050
%FVC (%) 36.0 83.3
FEV1.0 (mL) 640 1960
%FEV1.0 (%) 71.1 95.6
LVEDd (mm) 31 41
LVEF (%) 77 75
TRPG (mmHg) 69 16
Others TR II° TR I°
  1. BLTx bilateral lung transplantation, MIE minimally invasive esophagectomy, PaO 2 arterial oxygen tension, PaCO 2 arterial carbon dioxide tension, SaO 2 arterial oxygen saturation, FVC forced vital capacity, %FVC percent-predicted FVC, FEV1.0 forced expiratory volume in one second, %FEV1.0 percent-predicted FEV1.0, LVEDd left ventricular end-diastolic diameter, LVEF left ventricular ejection fraction, TRPG maximum tricuspid regurgitation pressure gradient, TR tricuspid valve regurgitation